Meeting With God

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Breakthrough Prayer

Jesus prayed a breakthrough prayer at Gethsemane. 

I think of Christ’s breakthrough prayer as the “ultimate prayer.” By ultimate I mean the end of a series. By this point, everything had been tried and this was the ultimate, or final, prayer—the one that would move mountains and shake hell. It was simply this: “Nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will (Matthew 26:39). 

Jesus gets up from pleading and says, in essence, “I have prayed, wept, fasted, done everything. Now, Father, I unload my soul to you in total trust. Your will be done.” 

Have you ever presented this “ultimate prayer” to the Lord over a situation? 

  • I have prayed, fasted, and interceded over this matter.

  • I have asked, knocked, sought, and believed.

  • Yet what is happening now is not what I want. 

  • I don’t think I can handle it.

Then you add, “But you are the Almighty God, and I cast everything into your hands. Now, Father, do what you want to do, when you choose to do it. I rest in your promises to me.” 

This is the rest that remains for God’s people today, the rest referred to in Hebrews 4. It is to come into the blessed promise of the New Covenant, in which God declares to us, “I will be a Father to you, and you will be my child” (see 2 Samuel 7:14). 

Beloved, until you pray this ultimate prayer, you cannot move your mountain. But when you do, God will open your eyes to something amazing, and you will no longer miss the answer to your prayer when it comes.