Meeting With God

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“Pray Through” by Listening

When you are spending time with Jesus, do you receive direction from him? Does he tell you what to do and when and how to do it? Some Christians don't believe God does this, but Jesus says, “My sheep hear my voice ... and they follow me” (John 10:27). 

There is no way through your trial except to get alone with Jesus and cry, “Lord, you're the only one on this earth who can help me. Only you know the way through this trial. So I'm going to stay here until you tell me what to do. I'm not going anywhere until you speak to my heart!” 

This is the kind of “praying through” that is pleasing to God. It means stopping everything, all activity, until you hear his voice. Only then will you hear him speak clearly to your heart: “You've got to make things right with this person.” Or, “You've got to make restitution here.” Or, “Just stand still until next week. Don't get in a hurry. Sit in my presence and trust me.” He will give you clear directions!