Meeting With God

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Come Now

We were made for fellowship with God, even in our heaviest times. I ask you, “Do you love to be with him? Do you prefer him above all others? Does your heart cry out, ‘Jesus, you’re my everything. You are my soul’s great pleasure, and I love your company!’” 

Dear saint, God is faithful to respond to your every need and request. As you go to prayer now, simply pray, “Lord, I come now, not just to have my needs met, needs you have foreseen and are eager to supply. No. I come also to meet your need! Amen.” 

Beloved, press into Jesus with the pursuit to know him more intimately. Allow him to work his will out in your life, but even more so, seek to align yourself with his will and desires. This is where true peace and joy flourish.

Had David Wilkerson not given himself to prayer that heeded God’s call to go to New York, Teen Challenge would never have happened. Since that time, the ministry of Teen Challenge has transformed hundreds of thousands of lives. Around the world today and every day, men and women are currently in a center being set free by the power of Christ. 

Excerpt from The Cross and the Switchblade by David Wilkerson