She Who E.M.B.R.A.C.E.S

Day 5 of 8 • This day’s reading



Faith Light bulb:

Admittance is the first step! This chapter is powerful. Jesus sees that many of us carry so many burdens that it becomes unbearable. When we allow ourselves to take control and handle the things we go through, our own way, it can be detrimental to a fault. God says, let go & let him carry this for you. To some, they may ask, why does God even allow us to go through things if He knows they are going to happen. Well loves, God promised a victory, but He never said it would be easy. We trust Him because He has overcome the world. God knows what it’s like to be beaten, bruised, broken, without friends, lonely, talked about, lied on, left behind, etc. So, believe me, He can carry you through these trials because He first experienced them himself. That’s the bestie you need on your team. He watches and waits, while we exhaust ourselves trying to find a solution, but it's time to stop and let God have His way. Time to admit that you can’t do this on your own. You NEED God’s help, love, and arms of protection around you, to get you through these seasons. So, let go, sis. Let go. The world may beat you up, but God is ready to show you how much He loves you, by getting you over these mountains! It’s time to move out of the valley and journey towards the hills!

Act on It:

Are you carrying a burden so heavy that you are ready to lighten the load? What areas of your life do you still struggle with? Would you like God’s help or are you still feeling in control? If you answered “yes” to wanting God’s help, then He is ready to hop in to take charge. One thing I can assure you is that God never left you alone. He was with you the entire way, but He doesn’t need your help with overcoming the trial. He only needs your obedience. 

Pray About It:

Oh, mighty God! 

We come to give you praise! We magnify you for your greatness and the performing of your great works. This burden we carry is HEAVY! God, we need you now more than ever. When everything seems to go wrong, the first place we turn is to “man” and not your Word. Help steer us back onto a straight path. We know that at times, we want to be prideful and appear to have all the answers, but we don’t. Lord you are the light unto our path and the lamp unto our feet. When all that is around us seems dark, you are our forever burning light! Your presence moves mountains, your command calms our storms. We are ready to admit that we cannot carry this alone anymore. We know that you will not put more on us than we can bear. So have your way, Lord. Allow your Will to be done. 

We love you and we thank you. In Jesus' name, we pray and forever give thanks…