She Who E.M.B.R.A.C.E.S

Day 2 of 8 • This day’s reading



Faith Light bulb:

As you read and break down this chapter, what one comes to realize is simply that your truth and God’s truth are completely different. To understand Gods’ truth is to allow the seeding or planting of wisdom and to be led by instruction. For those who walk with a turned ear from God, cannot possibly understand, clearly, the plans He has for you. We may think we know a better way or what is best for us, but our ways are not God’s ways, just like our thoughts are not God’s thoughts. I’ve tried to plan my life plenty of times, thinking that I could do it all and I can, through Him who strengthens me, BUT just because a thought is presented, does not mean we should act on every one of them. I have been there where I have a moment of passion about something, start the planning phase, only to realize it wasn’t what God wanted for ME. 

We get so caught up in the timeline of life, thinking we have to do it right now before it’s too late, but that is only because we are trying to write a story that has already been written. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Sometimes He will want you to only be still and other times He will want you to act in faith. We are merely here to seek after God’s heart and allow Him to orchestrate our paths. During our transition in life, we should use our journey, our pain to guide us to our purpose. To use our story to help the next. We should be an example of Christ to those who believe and those who do not. Allow what God is doing in you to shine through you to others. Take this opportunity to move from your pains in life to now walking fully in your purpose! You can do this. Let’s MASTER this thing called life!

Act on It:

What is God leading you to do in this season? 

Think about a time when God led you to do one thing, but you chose a different route? Now think about a time you prayed to God for something and He delivered at just the right time? Make the decision TODAY to simply ACT, PERSIST & HAVE FAITH!

Pray About It:

Father, we come to you with prayer and thanksgiving. Thank you for the many doors that you kept closed for our good and for those you opened at just the right time. We know sometimes our control may get in the way of your plans, however, we thank you for allowing us to go through those seasons, as a reminder that even when all is blurry, you still love us enough to walk through every decision that we make. Lord, we pray to walk with blinders on to those things that are not for us and boldly accept the call that you have placed upon our lives. We may not always understand what you are doing in our lives, but we trust you enough to give you full reigns. Your Word says that if we seek your kingdom, you will keep our paths straight. While on this journey, we rebuke all worry, doubt, and fear, for you have overcome the world. 

We love you and forever give you the highest praise, In Jesus Name… Amen!