She Who E.M.B.R.A.C.E.S

Day 1 of 8 • This day’s reading


~ She "EVOLVES" ~

Faith Light bulb:

In this passage, God talks about how the Gentiles turned away from Him due to the hardening of their hearts and the uselessness of their minds. It’s as if they had forgotten how they were taught to follow Christ. Their preference was to sin because they were only focused on living “in the moment”. That "in the moment" thinking can change your life. We sometimes choose to listen to the many voices of others saying “go ahead and do that, no one will care”; “you only live once”, “what can it hurt” or “you’re not cool or included because you don’t think like us”. There are many times where you will be faced with an “in the moment” decision or manipulated to partake in things that you know satisfy a temporary want.  What choice will you make at that moment? To be like Christ or to simply sin? Are you okay with temporary satisfaction of the flesh or do you desire a long-term relationship with your Heavenly Father?

When you choose to pursue your relationship with God, there is only one decision you can make and that is to shed off what was and become renewed in who God has designed you to be. During your journey of walking in your God-given purpose, you will be challenged and tested, but know that He is preparing you for your call, your purpose! Do not allow tainted minds to steer you further from God. Draw near to Him and He will give you the desires of your heart. His Word is truth and if He spoke it, then what makes you think that the plans He has laid out for you won’t be just as perfect as your human creation?! God said it was good and He meant it! Get ready to witness the manifestations of His promises for you!

Act on It:

Think about where you are right now? Are you satisfied with how you are living your life? Do you feel you have a call to do something that produces great works in others? Do you struggle with separating yourself, in efforts to be renewed and filled with purpose? Well, I’m telling you TODAY to believe that inner feeling? That is the Holy Spirit telling you that God is ready to do exceedingly & abundantly in you. All you need to do is simply set yourself FREE, so that you can receive all that HE has for you! Allow your human self to shed off all things that are not pleasing to God. Prepare yourself to EVOLVE & embrace the New You!

Pray About It:

Heavenly Father, Thank you for all that you are doing in our lives. As we walk into this new season, let us decrease in the desire to please our flesh and increase in our desire to please you. You promise us a bright future and although the journey may present a challenge, we know that all things work for the good of those who love you. Father, as we shed, strengthen us as we encounter temptation, for it may be great, but you are greater. We trust you, Lord, for positive outcomes and know that whatever weapon the devil tries to use to deter us from the path, will not prosper. You created us for purpose and as we navigate through our earthly life, let us continue to keep our focus steadily on living according to your will. 

Father, we love you and we thank you in your son Jesus name… Amen!