She Who E.M.B.R.A.C.E.S

Day 3 of 8 • This day’s reading



Faith Light bulb:

In this chapter, God is instructing us to follow His commands, His Will for our life. We will be tempted by so many things and probably accepting of others. Once we realize that those “temptations” had a short-term life expectancy and don't align with our purpose in life, we can always refer back to His Word for guidance to get us back on track. The lessons and trials that we go through in life, serve a purpose and they are meant to teach and prepare us for future experiences. Once we are blessed to make it through, we look back and realize why we had to go through what we went through. 

God also wants us to not depend on our own thoughts. He created us, not the other way around. He knows our genetic makeup, meaning He knows our thoughts before we think them and He knows our actions before we act on them. I’ve been there where I thought I had a little control in certain situations and I know God laughed because I thought I knew best, but oh was I wrong sister. God delivered me and on many occasions; I had no idea how, but that was the point. It took faith and believing that HE CAN & HE WILL ensure you fulfill your purpose in this life. So, all you have you to do is trust Him. Lean on Him. Believe in Him! No matter what experience or success you’ve gained in this life, praise & thank God every step of the way. He brought you this far & He deserves full recognition and honor for allowing you to make it through!

Act on It:

Have you thanked God for your past, present & future? In what area of your life could you show your gratitude for what He has done? If you are operating in full control, I highly recommend that you surrender your control to God and allow Him to have full reigns. I’m sure you’re tired, sis. It’s time to believe God for all that you have prayed for. Release & Receive! Today, pray to God using the ACTS method & at the closing of your prayer, simply let go & let God! 

Pray About It:

Heavenly Father, 

Our Help and our Strong Tower. Thank you for loving us in spite of all the times, we have failed to believe the truths that lie within your Word. We know that our every season serves a purpose, in order for us to grow and be all you have designed us to be. You ask that we honor you with everything that we have and everything we gain throughout our lives. We understand that at times, in our seasons we may hurt, we may be held accountable, but we must believe that you, oh God, correct the behaviors of those you love. We also ask that as we journey on in life, that you continue to keep us safe, our eyes on you & our hearts like yours. Forgive us, Father, for any behavior or area of life that does not follow your Word. 

We love you & appreciate you for all that you do. In Jesus name…Amen!