The Occupation Continues

Day 4 of 5 • This day’s reading


As we continue the occupation of all streets as Christians, we are committed to GROWTH. We don’t only endeavor to grow as a church, but as individuals in Christ. Our personal relationship with Jesus is the most important part of this walk of faith. 

Our love for Jesus and walk with Him is our responsibility. Our planting in the local church is critical to our health and growth. It is mandated by God that we not forsake that gathering together with believers, but it cannot be the only time and space in which we hear from the Lord. 

Our identity is forged and our foundations are built in a personal relationship with Jesus and through the lens of God’s Word. If your faith is only activated in a local church and by what the church can do for you, then you will be disappointed and hurt at some point. 

The church was never meant to take the place of Jesus, but rather to be a place where we can come to celebrate and encounter Him. A personal relationship with Jesus is the crux of the Gospel. Feast on His Word before you get to church. Worship Him wherever you are and gather with others. Notice how your perspective will shift! 


  • Have you put your faith in the Church and what it can do for you instead of in Jesus? 

  • What is one way that you can shift your focus back to your personal relationship with Jesus?