The Occupation Continues

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“Occupy All Streets” has been a motto and conviction of our church since the early days. We have occupied many spaces across the region from gathering in small event spaces, studios, and rooftop pools to city parks, ballrooms, and concert venues. “Occupation” reflects the mandate of the Gospel to shine the light of Jesus wherever we are. No matter our job, our season, or the level of restriction, we can shine His light wherever we are. God’s call is to continue this “occupation” of all fields, industries, neighborhoods, and in conversations, no matter if we are doing it from a pulpit, a classroom, a government position, or on a mission field. There are no conditions around this; the Gospel can be advanced from anywhere, through anyone whose available to His call. Are we ready and willing to do whatever it takes? What might God be doing in the evident shifts all around us? 


  • What “street” or area of influence are you currently occupying with the message of the Gospel?  

  • What do you need to adjust in your life, in this season to keep moving the Gospel message forward?