The Occupation Continues

Day 2 of 5 • This day’s reading


One of the ways we can best represent Jesus is to GATHER with other believers. In this season of 2020, gathering looks very different than what we may be used to, but that is not going to stop the spread of the Gospel. We are blessed to have new ways of meeting, including online services and online small groups. As in the days of the Early Church, we will continue to gather, yet safely and responsibly, within homes due to the ever changing climate. While there may be restrictions and inconveniences to the way that we USED to do things, God is shifting our methods and approaches and bringing us back to our roots. Small house meetings were the original way in which the Gospel was spread. 

God is not restricting His Church. We are not experiencing persecution as it’s known around the globe. God is asking us to look at the methods we have previously used and is pushing us to consider new ways of building into the lives of people to bring the church together.

In order to be a Gospel-led neighbor and value people over meetings, let’s challenge old ways of thinking. Let’s challenge old methods and redirect our eyes back to the message of Jesus Christ. Are you ready to adapt to serious change?


  • What are some areas in your life that God is asking you to shift your method? In what areas have you taken your eyes off of Jesus?  

  • Who can you gather with in this season, whether online or in person?