The Occupation Continues

Day 3 of 5 • This day’s reading


Another way we can continue the occupation of all streets is through a commitment to GIVING. As Christians, we are called to be generous with our whole lives, an essential part of being a Christian. 

Sometimes things happen that block us from being a blessing. There is no judgement when people face hard times and trials in any area of life, including finances. We have all been in a tough season and many people have been unemployed or have had difficult months of not knowing how they were going to make it through. 

Giving is a response to what Jesus has done for us. We may not be able to all give equal amounts, but equal sacrifice is to give what we can in every season. God wants to give so much through us, but we have to mentality proceed with an open hand. What we prioritize monetarily reflects what we value and says what urgently matters. 

We can also give in so many ways that don’t actually cost us too much. Are you a swamp or are you a river?  


  • What is one practical area in which you can be generous in your giving to other people this week? Write a list of ways you can be generous on a daily basis. 

  • Consider sacrificially giving to your local church.