Will Someone Give Me Some Good News

Day 3 of 5 • This day’s reading


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought so many components of our everyday lives to a halt, but the Grace of God has not stopped working for a moment. 

God’s Grace is our biggest change agent, because no matter what is going on in our home, in culture or in our world, grace is still working in and through our lives. Grace is actually known as “unmerited favor”; power that we did not earn, but were given anyway. 

When we are “saved by grace”, it does not stop there within a moment of decision. It saves us and changes us! Grace continues to transform us and works tirelessly through times of hardship. Grace works regardless of our state of mind and despite our emotional fatigue. 

There is nothing that God cannot work on or change in us. He is working within us to set us free from things that have been holding us back. He makes all things new and is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above what we could ask or imagine. He is turning what was meant for evil around for good, for His glory. 


  • What is one area of your life that you’d identify as needing God’s grace? 

Ask for God’s help today. It may be something seemingly small and insignificant, but it matters to you. Conversely, it may be an area that seems impossible to experience breakthrough. It is not too much for Him.