Will Someone Give Me Some Good News

Day 4 of 5 • This day’s reading


In a self-seeking and consumer driven culture, many of us unknowingly want things to happen on our timeline. As we plan, regardless of whether it is the right timing or the right thing for us, the tendency is to control what we can, especially when life around us is very out of control. 

We also have the ability to freely voice our opinions without a Kingdom lens and are  often guided by the cravings of the flesh, rather than yielding our plans and our decision making to something bigger than ourselves. 

We don’t like it when we can’t have it “our way.” We have to consider that we are more likely to see success when we partner with the Holy Spirit than when we chart our own paths. When grace has it’s perfect work within us, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we know that it is lasting and more powerful than when we try to change ourselves. 

The Holy Spirit does not respect our rights, stances, schedule, or opinions, but that’s the way God designed it. We’ve always needed His grace. We were never meant to be self-sufficient nor to have what we want, when we want it. We know that his ways and his thoughts are higher than ours, and he knows the fullness of his plans for us. 


  • What are you believing God for within the context of your timeline rather than His?  

  • What earthly rights do you need to lay down and surrender to God’s rule and reign? Exchange the world’s ways for God’s way today.