Will Someone Give Me Some Good News

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It doesn’t take long to recognize the pervasive messages and global themes heard across the airways, on social media platforms, and in backyard conversations; the 2020 narrative has been increasingly negative and complex in nature leaving many with fear, unanswered questions, and a perspective on life circumstances that is dark and uncertain. 

Thankfully, we have Good News that is always good news. When we pause and pray, we are reminded that God is not far from us; rather, He is right in the midst of all that is going on. He is God with us! 

When the Israelites were waiting for good news, they thought God was going to smite those who were against them. Isaiah, a prophet from the Old Testament, gives us a glimpse of the good news that was actually to come for God’s people. He foreshadowed the coming of Jesus as the Savior of the world. 

Jesus confirms this when He reads from the scroll in the temple and points to himself as the Savior for which the world had been waiting. When we stop and pray, it reminds us of the real Good News that is found in Jesus. He is and has always been hope for humanity. He is the One in whom we place our trust.  


  • How can we practically refocus on the Good News of the Gospel while surrounded and bombarded by so many negatives messages?