The Bible Quarantine by Nick Hall - Week 2

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The Bible Quarantine: Episode 14 – Feed Me

SCRIPTURE: Exodus 16:16-20; Matthew 6:25-34

How can we have God’s heart in this pandemic—being givers, not hoarders? Today, we hear from Kolby Koloff.

In Exodus 16, Israel has been brought through the Red Sea and they are on their way to the promised land. They start complaining about the good food they used to have, and God answers their complaint by giving them abundant food. 

When God provides, not everyone listens. Some people hoard for themselves, and it’s easy to judge those people. But God’s Word helps us to see ourselves more clearly—to see how we are often concerned with tomorrow and don’t trust God to give us what we need today.

Where are we hoarding, not only physical things, but emotionally or mentally as well? If God doesn’t give us something we want, that doesn’t mean he’s fallen short—it may just mean that God knows what we need and gives us that instead. 

Jesus himself tells us not to worry about tomorrow and life’s basic necessities, but to keep our eyes on God and His Kingdom. 

God has called us to store up for today. In today’s reading, we see how God abundantly provides for those who trust in him. Rest in Him today.