The Bible Quarantine by Nick Hall - Week 2

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The Bible Quarantine: Episode 10 – The ABC's

SCRIPTURE: Romans 10:1-13

Sometimes, when life gets crazy, we need to get back to the basics. In this episode, we hear from our friend Mark Warder about how to share Jesus during this time.

What does it mean to “share our faith” during this time? We have a God who is not distant, dormant, or dead, and we believe He wants to have a relationship with us. God doesn’t wait for us to come to Him; He comes to us through the person of Jesus. 

As we talk with others during this time, we may have the chance for spiritual conversations. Many are anxious or scared, and we have the cure for worry, anxiety, lack of love, and unforgiveness.

Jesus told us to make disciples, and a great way to start is with conversation, asking questions of family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. You can ask, "Do you want to start a relationship with Jesus?"

Here are the ABC's of Evangelism:

A. Admit you have sinned. We live in a broken world and have all contributed to the brokenness. 

B. Believe in the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus died and rose from the grave, and that’s why we believe we have forgiveness from our sins and new life in Him.

C. Confess that Jesus is Lord. Allow Him to take the lead in our lives.

These simple points can be shared in text or conversation. Whether you use them or not, this is an opportunity for more Gospel conversations with people in your life who need Jesus.