The Bible Quarantine by Nick Hall - Week 2

Day 2 of 7 • This day’s reading


The Bible Quarantine: Episode 9 – Elvis Has Left the Building

SCRIPTURE: Romans 10:14-15

Back in the day, crowds went crazy for Elvis. His fans would wait after his shows, always hoping he would come out to do one more song. The announcers could only get the crowd to leave by saying, “Elvis has left the building.” 

When it comes to following Jesus, are we fans, or are we followers? When churches are forced to leave their buildings, do we mourn the fact that we don’t have a building, or do we take action to love like Jesus?

The book of Romans tells us that people will only hear the good news of Jesus if we are willing to go to them. While honoring the authorities, we can still find creative ways to love like Jesus during this time. 

1. Pray for your people. Whether it’s coworkers, friends, or family, now is the time to pray for them. Take what God has poured into you and pour it back onto others through prayer. 

2. Brainstorm ways to love. Look for creative ways to love people. Gather with your family or friends to come up with ideas to reach out. This is a unique time where our efforts to love our neighbors are more welcomed than ever before. 

3. Reach out. Put feet to your faith: Write them, call them, let them know that you love them and Jesus loves them.

Elvis has left the building—and as we follow Jesus, we will too.