The Bible Quarantine by Nick Hall - Week 2

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The Bible Quarantine: Episode 13 – How to Respond to Leaders

SCRIPTURE: 1 Timothy 2:1-7

Right now it’s easy to be frustrated with our leaders. We see the problems around us and we want to point the finger at someone. But we can, instead, be part of the solution.

When the New Testament was written, the leaders over Israel were not God-honoring. The Romans viewed their own leader as god and oppressed Israel and other nations. Yet Paul tells us honor, pray, and give thanks for these leaders.

1. Pray for those in leadership. God can turn the hearts of kings in his hand. He still uses those who lead imperfectly. So pray that they would have wisdom, would know Jesus, and would have godly influences in their lives.

2. Follow the instructions from authorities. There are times in the Bible when followers of Jesus stood against governments, but in this crisis, we honor God by honoring our officials. 

3. Find ways to be part of the solution. Instead of complaining, what if we tried to alleviate the problems by creating space for people to get help—donating food, helping the elderly, providing childcare for a friend. 

We are the church, and this is an opportunity to demonstrate love for God, leaders, and neighbors.