Live Free: A Study of Galatians


 One of the most iconic and recognizable paintings in American history is the “Washington Crossing the Delaware” by Emanuel Luetze. This masterpiece hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Several years ago, I spent an afternoon wandering around the museum and vividly remember the sense of awe I felt standing before this painting, soaking in the confidence and courage Luetze captured with his painting. Part propaganda, part historical record, Luetze sought to imbue the American public with the belief that any barrier could be overcome on the journey towards political freedom. This is as true in our spiritual life as it was for the heroes of the American independence movement in the 1700’s. 

In today’s passage, we encounter Paul’s description of doing whatever it took to remove the barriers to pursuing spiritual freedom as he followed Jesus. Notice that the first barrier he removes is himself. He says in verse two that he wanted to make sure he “was not running, or had not run in vain.” Later, in verses four and five, he indicates he was also aware of external barriers as he was refusing to yield to those who sought to limit or delay his freedom in Jesus. As we seek to live free in Jesus, we must be vigilant to removing any barrier that sets itself up against our relationship with Jesus. 


What barriers exist in your life that need to be removed towards the freedom Jesus offers?


Ask God to help you identify and remove the things in your life that slow you down or prevent you from living in freedom.