Live Free: A Study of Galatians


Many people seek to manufacture freedom in their lives, rather than step into the true freedom that only Jesus can offer. There are harsh words in Galatians to describe what happens to those who seek to earn their own freedom. Paul writes, “All who rely on works of the law are under a curse” (Galatians 3:10). That doesn’t sound good! The website defines a curse as “misfortune, evil, doom” that “befall a person.” That sounds like the exact opposite of freedom. And yet, how often do we seek freedom through our own efforts and works? Some of us try to earn it through doing good works, trying to be a good person, making donations to a good cause, or even serving extra hours at church. Don’t get us wrong. All of those things, in and of themselves, are not bad at all. However, as our passage today points out, if we try to rely on anything other than Jesus to earn God’s favor, no matter how good it might be, we will live under a curse and not the freedom God desires for us. 

Our sin necessitates consequence. Our sin has resulted in a curse. That is why Jesus died on the cross in our place. He died so we wouldn’t have to live under the curse of our sin. He died so we could live free. Why would we choose the curse when we can choose freedom? Freedom in life only comes by faith in the fact that Jesus took our curse for us. As you read today, ask God to show you where you may be seeking to earn His favor and how you can choose to live free, rather than striving to be good enough. 


Are there any areas in life where you are trying to earn God’s favor?


Ask God to help you accept completely the "blessing of Abraham" and the freedom that comes from following Jesus.