Live Free: A Study of Galatians


We have two beautiful young girls that fill our lives with incredible joy. They are extremely energetic, eccentric and fantastically rambunctious. Both are endowed by God with an enthusiasm for life that is infectious and often a bit wild. While most of the time they are a pleasure to be around, every once in a while they act in a way that is completely contrary to our family values. When they are being unkind, we will respond with “Gianotti’s are kind, and you are a Gianotti.” When they are scared we will calmly remind them, “you are a Gianotti, and Gianotti’s are brave.” 

While our actions do impact our lives, they do not define us. God tells us we are defined by the One who lives in us. In today’s reading we are reminded that as followers of Jesus, our sin no longer defines us because Jesus lives in us. Paul writes in verse 20, “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” When we screw up, it’s like God looks at us and reminds us, “you are a child of God.” But here is the catch, there is no condescension in His voice. There is nothing you or I can do that would be stronger than the grace of God. Paul goes on to say, “I do not nullify the grace of God” (vs 21). 

When we choose to follow Jesus and allow Him into our lives, we will hear the freedom God desires to speak over our us. As I think about God speaking this over me, I imagine His tone is soft, grace-filled and loving. At times He might be saddened, as parents get when a child doesn’t live up to our standards. And yet, He continually whispers into our ears words of hope, words of freedom. He whispers, “you are a child of God… live free!


What words are God whispering over you?


Ask God to still your heart and mind long enough to hear His whispers over you.