Live Free: A Study of Galatians


When commemorating those who have given their lives in military sacrifice, we often hear the phrase, “freedom isn’t free!” The freedom we enjoy as a nation has a huge price tag, paid for by the brave men and women in the armed forces. 

The freedom God extends to every one of us is not free either. A great cost has been paid so that we could receive and enjoy it. First and foremost was the price Jesus paid when He inhabited humanity and allowed Himself to be brutally killed for our sins. But the cost did not stop there. Early Christians were severely persecuted for trying to share the good news of the gospel. Throughout history, heroic followers of Jesus have been brutalized, abused and killed in an attempt to prevent the world from having access to the freedom available to those who would hear the word of God and receive it. 

In today’s passage, we hear from the Apostle Paul as he shares his own story of persecuting and persecution. Initially, he worked against the spread of freedom, until he personally encountered Jesus. As you read, you will discover the impact this new found freedom had in his life as well as through his life. 


How has the gospel helped you to live more freely?


Ask God to allow freedom in Christ to transform you as it did Paul. Ask God to use your freedom to catalyze spiritual growth in the lives of others.