Of Fathers and Sons

Day 6 of 7 • This day’s reading


Today’s analogy is: “Focus and be happy.”

OK, that’s not an analogy.  I should probably say, “today’s lesson is about focusing and persevering in God’s call on my life, which I learned while watching my young son struggle with distraction.”  But that’s way too long and confusing, so I won’t say that. Moving on…

My wife and I were watching a sermon on YouTube the other day, along with our young son Caleb.  Our other children were in school so it was just the three of us: two adults and a six-year-old.

Needless to say, about 15 minutes into the sermon our son started getting antsy.  First he asked for a snack; then he asked for a drink; then he asked his mommy to play with him.  About then I realized he was getting restless and bored.

So I took him on my lap, gave him a quick summary of the sermon so far, and got him re-engaged; for the rest of the sermon I asked him occasional questions to keep him on track.  And guess what: no more boredom!  No more restless six-year-old.  Now that he was paying attention, he actually enjoyed it and the time passed quickly for him.

I could relate, though, because I had been feeling a bit restless and bored at work lately, and I suddenly realized that, just like Caleb, I had gotten distracted from God’s clear purpose for my life.  And that inevitably leads to a restless, bored, unfulfilling life.

Jesus knows how easy it is to start well but get distracted.  Read the analogy of the sower, in which Jesus teaches about how God calls us, and how we respond.  Pay particular attention to the groups who start well but get distracted and give up.  Ask God if you’ve gotten distracted; ask him to remind you of his purpose for your life. Then keep your eye on that ball, like Paul does in Phillipians 3:13-14, and you will be more engaged and fulfilled in life than you ever thought possible.