Of Fathers and Sons

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Today’s analogy is: “Sons like spending time with their father.”

Just after 6am, I heard my son’s bed creak as he hopped out and pattered across the hallway to our room, where he jumped in bed with my wife and I for his usual morning snuggle.

For a while, almost every morning when he woke up the first thing he did was run into our room for a quick snuggle.  Often, he didn’t even say anything; just lay quietly for a few minutes enjoying the closeness, then jumped out and ran off to start his day.

One day it reminded me of a recent sermon I heard in which the pastor mentioned seeking God first every day.  I realized my son’s example was another gentle nudge from God, encouraging me to seek God’s presence every morning.

My son loves to start his day by spending time with his parents.  And God encourages us, his children, to spend time with him at the start of the day.  The Bible records several examples of God’s children spending time with God in the mornings. For example, David in Psalm 5:3 and Psalm 57:7-10, and Jesus in Mark 1:35

If you’re not already in the habit of spending time with your heavenly Father in the morning, give it a try.  It’s nice.