Of Fathers and Sons


Today’s analogy is: “A good father helps his son grow into a man.”

It was a warm summer day when I took my son biking up the hill for the first time.  He was a great biker... on the flats.  But his little legs were unaccustomed to long uphill pedals.  Here’s how it went, from his perspective:

“This is too hard!”

“I’ll never make it up there!”

“I’m tipping… I’m falling!”

And here’s how it went from my perspective:

“He’s ready for this  I know he’ll feel great when he makes it.”

“It’ll be a challenge for him, but I’ll be right here beside him.”

“Oops he’s a little unsteady; I’ll just give him a little push.”

“He’s doing great!”

As you can imagine, we made it safely to the top. For me, the outcome was never in doubt: I knew he was ready for it and I knew I’d help him all the way up.  But as I was helping him up the hill, I suddenly laughed at myself when I realized how often I feel exactly like my son, struggling through some trial or challenge in my own life.  Here’s what I learned:

  1. God knows what I need and what I’m capable of better than I do.  He will never push me too hard:  (1 Corinthians 10:13)

  2. God does sometimes push me out of my comfort zone;  God is tolerant of my fears but not indulgent: (Exodus 3:7-14, 4:10-15)

  3. God loves me far more than I love my own son; he’s more sure to help me than I am to help my own son:  (Luke 11:11-13)

As you consider these passages, remember that God loves you too much not to help you grow.