Of Fathers and Sons

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


 God wants us to know him as our Father.  I’ve read this analogy in the Bible ever since I was a kid, but recently God brought all that symbolism back to me in a new and powerful way through several interactions with my young son.  

In the next few days, I’d like to share some of those lessons with you.  Each day I’ll start with an analogy, then relate the story which prompted it.  If you’re a dad yourself you’ll probably relate to a lot of these.  

As you read, I encourage you to see the analogy in each story, imagine yourself as the son, and draw on your own experience as a father to feel what God means when he says he’s our Father.  Then let the truth of God’s word drive the lesson home as you read the daily Bible passages.  Let’s get started!

Today’s analogy is:  “Children make their fathers happy.”

My son Caleb makes me happy.  In so many ways, every day he cheers my heart with his friendly attitude and boundless zest for life.

One day he met me at the door as I arrived home from work and excitedly asked if he could show me his schoolwork.  Turns out he got a 100% on his math assignment, and also made an alphabet scroll.

You know what?  I loved it!  Not because I’m so interested in addition or alphabet scrolls.  But because I love my son.  And you know what else? God loves me far more than I can ever love my own son.  God enjoys his children; he’s very clear about that.

Read today’s Bible passages and absorb the amazing truth that if you fear Him - if you hope in His love - then He loves you; and he is happier with you than you can ever imagine.