Tony Evans Explores Racial Reconciliation

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Imago Dei

All people, no matter what race, share a common origin in Adam. The book of Acts tells us that all people come from the same source. To take it a step further, when we look at the creation of mankind, we also learn that the triune Godhead created us in His image. In theology, we call this imago Dei—referring to the concept that humans are created in God’s image. An image is a mirror or a reflection. This also means that everybody, regardless of their race or ethnicity, has intrinsic value and worth. Dignity is innate. All humans are born with esteem because they are created in the image of God.

Therefore, any form of racism, elitism, discrimination, or oppression is not only a social issue, but it’s a sin issue at its core. By treating a fellow image-bearer inferior because they are of a different race is sin. And if we are going to achieve unity, the first thing we must do is speak honestly. That is, we must call any form of racism, elitism, discrimination or oppression exactly what it is—sin. God can only begin the healing and unifying process when sin is addressed. Let’s begin to treat each other as image-bearers—people made in the image of God almighty.

How does the imago Dei shape the way you view other races, ethnicities and cultures?