Bible Explorer for the Young (Leviticus)


Blessing or Curse?

Psalm 37:22

Those people the Lord blesses will inherit the land. But those He curses will be sent away.

God explained to Moses what would happen to the Israelites when they obeyed and disobeyed His command. 

If they obeyed Him, God would bless them with so many blessings. If they disobeyed Him, curse would come upon them. God did NOT say He would forsake Israel, but He would punish them. However, if they repented, God would remember them, receive them back and give them His blessing again. How faithful and merciful He is! The Israelites were to choose – to obey Him or to disobey Him.

You have to choose between blessing and curse in your daily life. You must understand that choosing blessing means choosing God’s way. When you don’t choose to obey Him, you are stepping out of His blessing. Then, curse would start to creep into your life. Choosing to obey God with all your heart means choosing blessing.

Which one will you choose?


Dear Jesus, help me to choose to obey You in every decision I make and to turn away from all things that You don’t like. Amen.