Bible Explorer for the Young (Leviticus)

Day 6 of 9 • This day’s reading


Be Generous

Proverbs 11:25

A person who gives to others will get richer. 

Harvesting is the time when people reap what they have sown. It means whatever they have planted has grown and born lots of fruit or food for them to consume for their daily life. However, God reminded the Israelites to be generous and to remember the poor people who needed food. It was God’s way of teaching them not to be greedy. 

You might not own any field or have harvest time literally, but you can be generous with what you do have and help those who are poor and in need. Harvest time is a brilliant time when you can give generously. However, you can actually be generous anytime and anywhere! You have been blessed with so many things in life, let’s take a chance to help other people around you who are less fortunate than you. Being generous is a wonderful way to live.


Dear God, let me have a generous heart, to give without expecting anything in return. Amen.