Bible Explorer for the Young (Leviticus)

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Deuteronomy 24:19

Then the Lord your God can bless everything you do.

God told Moses that when they reached the promised land, they had to bring the first bundle of grain from their harvest to the priest before it was offered to God as an offering. The very first bundle of the grain is called sheaf. It is the part that the farmer is most excited about because it serves as a sort of guarantee of the full crop to come. 

The purpose of this offering was that the Israelites took time to acknowledge that it was God who blessed them by His grace and they had to have faith in God. The Israelites must never forget that God was the source of all the blessings they would enjoy in the promised land. 

Likewise, God wants you to offer to Him you sheaf of faith by trusting Him with all your heart. He will always provide all of your needs. When your needs are provided, you should forget-Him-not. Bring a sheaf of your blessing as an offering to Him with a thankful heart. 


Dear God, let me always remember that all the blessings in my life are from You alone. Thank You, God for Your love. Amen.