Bible Explorer for the Young (Leviticus)

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A Pleasing Sacrifice

2 Corinthians 5:9

Our only goal is to please God

God gave Moses the laws and rules on how the Israelites should worship Him and how to live their lives in a way that would please God. 

The whole burnt offering represented a complete surrender to God. Their offering of the best male animals gave a very pleasing aroma to God. You have 168 hours a week. Have you been surrendering all your hours to God? Let’s begin every day by prayerfully giving your time to God, asking Him to help you make each hour count.

The grain offering was about thankfulness for God’s kindness. No matter how busy you are, you still have to find time from the 168 hours you have, to give thanks to Him for He is good.

The peace offering was about fellowship with God. Our peace offering is Jesus Christ who died once for you to make peace between you and God.

You are God's people and you must live differently than the world around you. May your life be a pleasing sacrifice to our great God. 


Dear Jesus, I offer my days to You as a pleasing sacrifice. Use my life to glorify Your Name. Amen.