The Drive


Go Home

Which is easier? When it comes to sharing what God is doing and has done in our lives it can be hard to talk to our friends. I have taken students many times on missions trips all over the world and watched them blow my mind in their quickness to share with total strangers who cannot speak the same language of all that God has done for them. 

When I question them, they will always say, “It’s easier to talk to someone I don’t know.” Do you feel the same way? 

In this passage, a demon-possessed man has been freed from these demonic beings, and his first request is to go with Jesus and leave his home. Does this sound familiar? Would you find it easier to leave home and tell strangers? Well, God may be calling you to the mission field to serve Him, or He may want you to go home and tell your friends. Start at home and then go after the world.


Today, look to the person seated on your right and left. They need to know that God sees them where they are and that He loves them. Start at home.