The Drive


Stop Looking Among the Dead

Have you ever been to a cemetery? At night? So creepy, right?!? For whatever reason, we all just imagined the scene lit by a full moon with a wolf howling in the background. Cemeteries are no place for the “living” to hang out! 

This verse is found in the resurrection story of Jesus when the women come to the tomb to see Jesus’ body and he’s not there. The angel answers their confusion and fear with this question, “why are you looking among the dead for someone who is alive?” The women weren’t expecting Jesus to be alive so it just makes sense to them that he would be at the tomb where they placed his dead body. But something had happened that changed all that! Jesus had come back to life! 

What a picture of salvation! The Bible tells us that when we accept Christ we are a new creation! The old you is gone and the new you has begun. Jesus explained to Nicodemus like this, “you must be born again.” You have a brand new life! 

The challenge for us is to stop going to those dead places we used to live. You are alive! Why would you hang out at dead parties, dead friendships, dead relationships? Living for Jesus means that we recognize the new life he has given us and that it has no association with the old life we had! 


What are the spiritually dead areas of your life that you need to give up? (habits, music, movies, tv shows, relationships, etc)