The Drive


Where Will You Live?

Every house has a smell, a look, and a feel about it. And where we live affects how we live. It affects how we see the world around us and how we engage with the people we come in contact with everyday. 

In this scripture, the psalmist points out that just staying on the porch (courts) of God’s house is better than staying in the tents of the wicked. The house of God offers us so much security that it’s better to just be in the church parking lot than the dwelling of the wicked. 

If we are going to live a life that is fully devoted to God we need to spend time in his house! It needs to be a priority in our lives. There are so many other things in our lives that compete for our time (sports, work, school, video games, friends). And none of these things are evil or wicked by themselves. Yet, they are shaping how we live. Let’s fall in love with God’s house and look for opportunities to make it a priority in our lives. 


Take a look at your priorities. Where does church fall on that list? Are you making church-life a priority in your life? Set a goal for the next month to make it to every youth service or every Sunday service or both! You’ll be surprised how it changes the way you live.