The Drive


Keep in Step

So what does living by the Spirit look like in our day-to-day life? I’m glad you asked. Think of a platoon of soldiers marching together. One person is calling out the cadence (left, right, left) and everyone else is moving in rhythm and step to that call. When you look at them from a distance it seems like one unit all moving at the exact same time. 

That’s what living in the Spirit should look like for us. When we are walking around in our everyday lives we are listening for the call of the Spirit. We are waiting to hear Him say, “go here, say this, do this.” And as He speaks we respond. 

That’s what it means to “keep in step” with the Spirit. We are living our lives surrendered to His voice and waiting for His call. Living for Christ is more than just “not sinning.” It is living a life full of the Holy Spirit that is listening and responding to His voice. 


Here are some practical ways to know that you are hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. 

1. It lines up with scripture. 

2. It confirms what you’ve heard in your heart. 

3. It is confirmed by other Godly people in your life. 

Take some time today and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you and listen for His call. Then go and do what He tells you to do!