Reckless Love

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DAY FIVE: How the Father Chases You Down

I imagine the prodigal son on the long walk home, rehearsing the words he’d say to his father. To his surprise, his father comes running. He throws his arms around the son, kissing his neck with paternal affection.

In Middle Eastern culture, it was shameful for a man to “gird his loins” (which means he pulled up his pants really high) and run because it violated social norms. But the father abandoned all semblance of religious piety for the sake of love—because embracing his son was supremely important.

That’s the love of God.

Our prodigal God kills the fatted calf and throws a feast for sinners when they deserve to starve. He is wastefully extravagant for the ones who come home smelling like a pigsty, the ones who despise the shame and take the long journey back, despite what everyone will think. When any of us says, “I’m no longer worthy of being called Your child,” He says, “Quick! Bring the best robe, ring, and sandals! For this child of mine was dead and is alive again! My child was lost but now is found!”

  • How do you need or want the Father’s love to be extravagant and reckless toward you today?

Was this plan helpful to you? It was adapted from my book Reckless Love: A 40-Day Journey Into the Overwhelming, Never-Ending Love of God .