Reckless Love

Day 2 of 5 • This day’s reading


DAY TWO: Why He Leaves the Ninety-Nine

Jesus leaves the ninety-nine for the ones who know their need. Like blind Bartimaeus, these “ones” are often the loudest. Like the woman with the issue of blood, these “ones” despise cultural norms and religious regulations that attempt to keep them in line because their need for a cure is greater than their fear of public humiliation.

Like Mary of Bethany who anointed Jesus’ feet in the middle of a room full of stuffy, religious men, these “ones” don’t care about disrupting the status quo.

These “ones” cannot keep silent because silence would relegate them to lives that are less than what Jesus paid for with His precious blood.

Some days, you are one of the ninety-nine, partying at the Shepherd’s house. On other days, you are the lost one bleating frantically to be found. Either way, you have a responsibility. As one of the ninety-nine, it is to rejoice when a lost one is found. As a lost one, your responsibility is to keep watching for the Shepherd because He is coming for you. 

  • Have you ever been one of the “ones” who just needed Jesus so much? 

  • Perhaps it’s been a long time since you felt like a lost one. What is something you can do today to come alongside Jesus as He hunts for His lost sheep?