Reckless Love

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DAY FOUR: Why You Must Know God’s Reckless Love

The doctrine of repentance as taught in Scripture is at the center of the Christian faith. Without it, many scholars would argue, one cannot be genuinely saved. Repentance is the radical moment of turning back to our Father after we’ve run away in sin.

The reason we sin is not an enigma. In fact, it is quite simple. We sin because we have yet to be completely convinced of God’s goodness.

This is why encountering God’s reckless love is not an option. If we can’t receive God’s love, we won’t enjoy His presence. If we can’t enjoy His presence, we’ll leave and look for love elsewhere. Living in the light of God’s smile is essential in our battle with sin because until we find more satisfaction in the love of God than we do in sin, we will continue to fall.

While Satan tells us we are sinners struggling to love God, the Father calls us lovers of God who struggle with sin. We have hope because we know our sin has an expiration date. A day is coming when sin will be but a faint memory, fading in the blinding light of God’s glory.

  • Bring to mind a sin that you have confessed to God in the last week. Now ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the root issue behind this sin. Spend some time pondering and listening.