Reckless Love

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DAY THREE: No Shadow, No Mountain

There’s truly nothing God won’t do to rescue you. When you’re in distress, He’ll go to the lowest, darkest, and farthest place to bring you home.

There is, however, one thing that He will not do on His divine rescue mission. He will not take something that is not offered to Him freely. God exercises restraint in His strength, patiently waiting until we invite Him in. Why? Because He’s a God of love, and love always gives the supreme honor of choice. Love without choice is not love at all.

The part we get to play in God’s saving grace is simply allowing Him to do all the forgiving, cleansing, and restoration. He wants to give Himself away. He’s already gone to insane lengths to find us and provide a way back home; all we have to do is acquiesce to the collision of grace on the prodigal road.

Father, I choose now to receive all the love You have for me. If You gave up Your Son, You will surely give me everything else I need. I freely offer all to You. I want to be meek like Jesus and pleasing to You, as He was. I receive Your grace, all of it—your undeserved, unearned grace—and I respond with joy and thankfulness.