Joshua - Wilderness


God always guides and provides for His children – especially during times of discipline.

When Israel left Egypt, they were guided by God’s presence - a pillar of fire and smoke. That pillar led them for 40 years in the wilderness. Where it stopped, Israel camped. When it moved from the tabernacle, Israel followed.

God provided water and manna for His children. Manna did not appeal to worldly appetites, but it had all the nutrients Israel needed for survival.

God’s provision is not limited to a location. When Elijah fled the Promised Land, he found God’s provision in the wilderness.  

Today, our fiery companion is the Holy Spirit. Our Manna, our Bread, is the Word of God. It might not appeal to the worldly-minded man, but it is everything the spiritual man needs to live by. Jesus is our Rock who provides living water.  And if God’s warrior finds himself temporarily back in the wilderness, he will find God’s grace and provision there. 

Both Israel and the mixed multitude experienced these things. But only the ones set apart by God thrived on His daily discipline. The rest were destroyed.


  • Memorize Psalms 105:1

  • Ask God to lead your heart out of slavery and towards His spiritual blessings.

  • How has God provided water or manna in your wilderness?