Joshua - Wilderness


Jesus frees us from slavery and forgives our sins. He does not always free us from the disciplinary consequences of sin. The result of Israel putting their faith in the giants instead of God was forty years of wandering through the wilderness. Israel compounded their mistake when they rejected God’s discipline and tried to enter the Promised Land on their own.

Israel was not made for the wilderness, but Joshua and Caleb were made for God. For 40 years, Israel languished in the wilderness, and it swallowed them whole. During that time, Joshua and Caleb thrived in the Lord. 

We all go through wilderness seasons. Are you thriving in the wilderness? Abiding in the Lord? Or are you languishing and being swallowed whole by the circumstances around you?

Wait on God’s timing. 

Allow God’s discipline to complete its work in you so that you will be ready to receive His Spiritual blessings.


  • Memorize Psalms 105:1

  • Ask God to see your heart through all seasons.

  • How are you abiding in wilderness seasons?  Are you thriving, or being swallowed whole?