Joshua - Wilderness


When God first led Israel to the Promised Land, they sent in 12 spies. In Numbers 13, this looks like God's idea, but Deuteronomy tells us it was actually Israel's. 

The land was bountiful, everything God said it was. God also knew about the giants, the fortified cities, the challenges that awaited His people.  He stood ready to fight ahead of them. But Israel was afraid. 

Israel put their faith in the giants instead of God.

Today, we have a spiritual Promised Land – it is spelled out in Ephesians Chapter 1. It is just as beautiful, bountiful, dangerous, and intimidating to us as the Holy Land was to the Israelites. It will not be easy. There will be battles. But the Lord goes before us. The question is: 

Are we going to rest in the Spiritual blessings of God, or are we going to wander in the wilderness of doubt?


  • Memorize: Psalms 105:1

  • Ask God to reveal the plans he has for your heart.

  • What keeps you from resting in God's promises?