Joshua - Wilderness


When God rescued Israel from slavery, He gave them the wealth of Egypt.  God did this to demonstrate His power and glory. God instructed Moses to use this wealth to construct priestly garments, the Ark, and the Tabernacle. Every time they went to worship, Israel saw physical reminders of the redemptive power and provision of God. 

God led Israel from Egypt to Mount Sinai. Joshua stood nearby as God gave the Law to Moses. While God gave Moses His plan for the wealth of Egypt – Israel had other plans.

We who were slaves to the flesh also brought treasure out of our slavery. Knowledge, skills, habits, and scars – wealth from our time as slaves. The question is, are we using that wealth for God’s glory – a testament of what He did for us? Or are we creating spiritual idols out of it and worshiping what once held us captive?


  • Memorize Psalms 105:1

  • Ask God to search your heart for the hidden things that enslave you.

  • What treasure did you bring out of slavery?

  • Are you using it to worship God or what once enslaved you?

This plan is designed to be a standalone plan.  It is also part 2 of a 10-part series.