Anticipating His Arrival

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He Will Build a House for His Name

Reflect on these questions after reading 2 Samuel 7:1–16.

  • Why did David want to build a temple for Yahweh?

David lived in an extravagant, luxurious house, and he saw that Yahweh’s presence was in a tabernacle—a tent (vv. 1–3). David wanted Yahweh’s presence to be in a place worthy of his glory.

  • Why did Yahweh reject David’s wish to build a temple (vv. 4–13)?

David’s desire wasn’t wrong, but Yahweh was already present in the manner he had specified to the Israelites when they were wandering in the desert. Yahweh first made a place for his people (v. 10), and this was done through David. After his people had a home, Yahweh would then allow a more permanent structure for his own presence.

  • How does this passage show that the incarnation is important to remember during Advent?

This passage illustrates Yahweh’s love for his people. He provides for them, and his ultimate provision is Jesus, the Messiah, who is God in the flesh. As David was motivated and excited by the thought of Yahweh’s presence being among Israel, so we should be excited by the return of his presence among us in Jesus.

This reading plan is adapted from Anticipating His Arrival: A Family Guide through Advent by Rick Brannon (Lexham Press, Bellingham, WA), 2015. 

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