Anticipating His Arrival

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He Acts for the One Who Waits for Him

Reflect on these questions after reading Isaiah 64:1–11.

  • What is the relationship between the Lord (Yahweh) and the people?

The people claim the Lord (Yahweh) as father (v. 8). The image of clay (the people) and a potter (Yahweh) is used to reinforce this.

  • Why would Yahweh be angry?

Because the land is in shambles (vv. 10–11). The holy cities are empty. Jerusalem is desolate. And the temple, the very house of the Lord, has been destroyed.

  • How does this relate to joy during the Advent season?

The people expect the Lord to return and bring salvation to the land. They call upon him to rebuild the temple, to annihilate their enemies, and to exalt his people to their proper place. Though the situation is dire, they rejoice at the thought of his return, which will restore the world to how it should be. We should exhibit the same joy at the thought of his second coming.