Anticipating His Arrival

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When Our Mouths Were Filled with Laughter

Reflect on these questions after reading Psalm 126.

  • Why are the people in the psalm rejoicing?

The people are remembering when Zion (Jerusalem) has been restored (v. 1).

  • What are the people mentioned in the psalm asking?

The people are requesting that their restoration would be like Jerusalem's restoration in former days (v. 1, 4). When they are restored, there will be great rejoicing. They are now sowing with tears, but when the time comes to reap, they will reap with joy (v. 5).

  • How does this relate to joy during the Advent season?

In the same way that those in the psalm remembered the past restoration of Jerusalem to find joy in their future restoration with the Lord, those who are his should also rejoice as the second coming of Christ approaches.