[The Love Of God] Crazy And Compelling Love

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God Loves Us To Death

Christ loves us so much that He laid down His life for us. He literally loved us to death! He died so that we could have eternal life and live with Him forever in Heaven. Think about it: He loves us with a love so deep that not only He gave His life for us, but wants to spend eternity with us.

Every step Jesus took to the cross on the Calvary meant “I love you” to each and every one of us. His love was intentional. It was there since the beginning of time; it was not something that grew with time. His love was always meant for us.

Have you ever done something “crazy” for the person you love? Jesus did the craziest thing; He changed the course of history for you and I. He gave up His life for love. He went through a lot of suffering for us. He was beaten, humiliated, denied, and abandoned because He loved us with an irrevocable, steadfast, everlasting, crazy and compelling love.

His love toward each of us is personal. He has our names written on the palms of His hands. He does not love us because we are great people, or because we do so many great deeds. He loves us because He is love. He loves us because He made us to love us. His love does not decrease or increase when we do something wrong or when we do something right. It is always there, given to us without reservations and without limits. We will never be able to pay for the love of God; we can never do anything to earn it or deserve it.

He loves us so much that He paid our debt on the cross, and He does not require repayment nor will He charge us interest. All He asks of us in return is to love Him back. And His love is so crazy, that even when we choose not to love Him back, He still loves us the same.

My prayer for you today is that you will feel loved by God in a way like you never felt loved before. May you feel compelled to love others with that same love—a love that does not require anything in return, a love to be enjoyed and given away as a precious gift. 

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