[The Love Of God] Crazy And Compelling Love


Compelling Love

The love of God in us is a force that moves us into action. It is not passive, but active. The love of God pushes us out of ourselves. It motivates us to do things. To compel is to powerfully urge someone along a line of conduct. It is to convince someone; it is to make someone interested in something. 

The love of God compels us to live our lives outside of ourselves. It compels us into living crazy lives for Him, like Paul did. Before knowing God and receiving His love, Paul had an ordinary life. However, once He met God and experienced His love, Paul’s whole life changed. The love of God compelled Paul into living a crazy life—a life that was no longer self-focused, but about God’s kingdom and God’s people. Paul was moved into action.

When someone does something great for us, we feel compelled to be grateful. We do good things out of gratitude for that person and for what they did for us. When Jesus died for us on the cross, He showed us the greatest act of love anyone could ever do, to lay down their life for someone else. Knowing that He died out of love for us, to save us, should automatically make us live our lives in eternal gratitude. That is the kind of love that compels us. It is the love that compelled Paul into living a crazy life for God.

Paul had truly experienced the love of God in His life. Once we experience that same love, it is impossible to keep it to ourselves. The true love of God, experienced, transforms into the love of God, expressed. It is a love that is too wonderful to keep to ourselves. We have such good news to share that we have a burning desire to share it. The love of God is so great, so different than what we are used to in this chaotic world, that we feel compelled to share it with others.

Would you keep quiet if you knew the secret to making the world a better place? Would you keep quiet if you knew a way to make the lives of everyone around you better? Why would we keep quiet when we know the crazy love of God for all of humanity?

My prayer for you today is that the crazy love of God compels you into action, and that you can start sharing the great news of God’s crazy love with everyone crossing your path.