[The Love Of God] Crazy And Compelling Love

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Trust In God

To trust someone is to become vulnerable. When we trust someone, we give them control over a certain area of our lives. It may be a friend, a parent, a sibling, or a spouse. When you decide to trust them, you give up control over a situation, and allow them to take control of it. When you trust your sibling to take out the trash you were supposed to take out, you are giving them control over the bag of trash and trust they will take it out before your parents come home. When you trust your best friend with a secret, you are giving them control over it. You trust that they will not say anything to anyone about it, but you cannot control them. All you can do is hope that they will not betray that trust. You decide to trust them because you know them.

We cannot trust someone we do not know. We cannot trust in something we know nothing about. Thanks to the internet, it is becoming easier than ever to trust a brand or a product. We have all the information we need about a specific product before we even buy it. We want a new washer and dryer, so we go to the internet and search for product reviews, comparisons, characteristics, and all the information that is necessary to decide which washer and dryer we are buying. 

The Bible is our source of information about God and His love for us. It is through reading the Bible and through having a real relationship with God that we can get to know Him. His crazy love for us compels us to trust Him. However, there is no possible way to trust Him without knowing Him first. 

Trusting in God does not mean that everything in our lives will be perfect and that we will have everything we want. It means that we trust God in spite of, not because of. Trusting God may not be common sense for most people nowadays, but it is a consequence of the crazy love of God infiltrating our lives. The way God loves us does not make sense, but we do not have to understand it. What we must do is trust Him and enjoy His love and His plans to give us a great future and hope!