[The Love Of God] Crazy And Compelling Love

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Live For What Is Really Important

What is important to us right now might not be important in all of eternity. In truth, what is important to us today, might not be even important to us in a few years. Sometimes we focus on things that seem like a huge deal to us at the moment, but after a while we realize that we could have used our time differently, and more efficiently, if we had shifted our focus onto something else. 

When my grandfather was alive, he was devoted to taking care of his front yard. He would spend countless hours every day caring for his plants, the soil, and the water he used to water his plants. He worried about the weather and how it might affect his flowers. We would all be inside having family time, and he was outside taking care of his plants. I loved that about him—his passion for his garden. He would tell me everything about a certain type of flower and how to take care of it. When he passed away and our family sold the house, the new owners did not take care of the front yard anymore. The plants died and the front yard transformed into something that would have broken my grandfather’s heart. What was important to him was not important anymore.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what is important to us—like running errands, cleaning the house obsessively, working 24-7, being right all the time—that we miss it. We miss what is really important in life. We miss making a difference in someone else’s life. We do not enjoy life anymore. Some other person will take over our business; someone else will live in our home; someone else will buy our car; other people will have our jobs. If we live our entire lives focusing on what is only important to us, we will miss what actually matters.

Some say that love is the most powerful force in the universe. The love of God is the greatest love. His love is not something that He wants to give to just some of us, but to everyone. It is a love that compels us. It compels us with such force that we no longer want to live for ourselves, but for Him! I pray that this crazy-compelling-love will lead you into living for what is really important!